Ride4AWoman is a charitable organization that empowers women who live adjacent to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and who are struggling with poverty, HIV and domestic violence.

Through job training in local crafts, textiles, and bicycle repair, Ride4AWoman provides opportunities for women to learn new skills, develop a career and earn money.

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Kanyahchu Cooperative Society – Kibale National Forest

On my adventures through the forests of Uganda, I was guided by many rangers who risk their lives every day to conserve Uganda’s parks and protect endangered animals for generations to come.

With only about 5,000 chimpanzees left in Uganda, chimpanzees (and gorillas) are at a particularly high risk of extinction.

Why Chimpanzees & Gorillas Are At Risk

Across Africa, chimpanzees and gorillas are rare and declining to the point that International law protects them because they are threatened by extinction.

Activities by humans are the main threat for the Chimpanzees in Uganda. People hunt and kill the chimps for meat or petty trade, poaching or mutilation by wire traps.

Chimpanzees are also losing their home in Uganda due to aggressive deforestation that has destroyed over 800 square kilometers of forest where chimpanzees live. To put this in perspective, this habitat loss in Uganda is greater than the entire city-state of Singapore (which is 697 square kilometers).

The life of a Ugandan ranger is not easy and some pay the ultimate price for their service. They are killed by poachers, fall in traps set by poachers or are shot by land-grabbers and squatters. Rangers are also attacked by animals, bitten by poisonous snakes and fall off cliffs or other perilous places while in the line of service, working to protect the parks and endangered animals.

How We Are Helping To Protect Chimpanzees & Gorillas

When I returned from my trip to Uganda, I knew I wanted to do something to support the work of Uganda’s courageous park rangers and help protect the magnificent gorillas and chimpanzees.

Together with my friend Africano, a ranger of the Kibale Forest, we created a local cooperative called Kanyahchu Cooperative Society to support educational programs for the rangers and raise public awareness among the local population.

In our first project together, we created guides for the rangers. Now, we are working to create programs to increase awareness among the local community on how to protect the chimpanzees from human predators.

From my heart to yours, THANK YOU for your interest in my causes.